About Us

Hi, and welcome to our website! We are Susie and Jess, a mother and daughter who have always been really close, and share a love for decorative planning.

We’ve always loved stickers and stationery for as long as we can remember – from scrapbooking together years ago, to hoarding di-cut stickers for fear of putting them down in the wrong spot, to spending an unreasonable amount of time standing in the pen aisles at craft stores…starting our own sticker business together felt inevitable, in hindsight.

My mom Susie stumbled into the decorative planning community while searching YouTube videos for planner inspiration back in mid-2019, and has been hooked ever since. At that time, I was experimenting with bullet journaling and feeling a bit overwhelmed by its freeform nature, so my mom suggested trying out memory planning instead. I started my first B6 insert, and the rest is history.

We found ourselves coming up with unique ideas for stickers that would enhance our spreads, but couldn’t find them in any shops at the time. Mom got a Silhouette for Christmas and started designing and making her own stickers, and I followed suit shortly after. We finally decided to open our own shop when we started seeing interest in our stickers from other planners the community. We feel very inspired by the creativity in this community, and are so excited to share our ideas and see how you use our products in your own unique way!